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A young woman must come to terms with the idea that everything happens for a reason - even death.

Starring Richard Herd, Haley Alea Erickson, Patricia Herd, Talia Sherman, Jamie Miller, Jack Williams, Bryce Harrow, & Gayla Johnson


Written & Directed by Nate Hapke

Produced by Alexis Ascher & Nate Hapke

Edited by Alexis Ascher

Music by Dylan Price

Director of Photography Michael Moates

Hair & Make up by Bethany M. Richards

Production Sound Mixer Brian Hackett

Costume Designer Jeff Hartman

Script Supervisor Ian Camacho

Artist’s Statement:

Another personal story for me, Zeide is based on a true story. My grandfather was an incredibly proud man who lost everything at the end of his life. He ended up taking his own life in the hospital, and my mother always felt this self imposed guilt about not being able to prevent his death. “If I had only gotten there sooner,” she’d say over and over. I made this movie to show her that it didn’t matter if she’d left earlier. It was his time and he’s with his love now.

The Film and the Theatrical Trailer



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Zeide - Trailer

Zeide - Trailer

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Behind the Scenes!


Winner - Festival Choice Award at the 10th Annual Trinity International Film Festival 

Official Selection of the 2016 Trinity International Film Festival 

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