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What's Yours is Mine (2021)

Brodie and Madison just broke up, and they're splitting... everything.

A comedic short film.

Starring: Bryce Harrow, Julie Romano, and Javier Prusky

Written by Rosie Grace

Directed by Nate Hapke

Produced by Rosie Grace, Nate Hapke, and Julia Armine

DoP Nick Ferreiro

Costume Design by Rosie Grace

Score by Caleb Parker

Production Sound by Sandra Joen Perez-Tejeda

Script Supervisor/DIT Kelli Kuschman

Hair and Make Up by Amanda Walter

Gaffer Eddy Scully

1st AC Edgar Machuca

Key PA Ben Booth

Artist’s Statement: 

What's Yours is Mine is a funny, strange, and wonderful commentary on how some couples just can't get out of their own way sometimes when it comes to what's right for them as a collective unit and as individuals. What makes them breakup is sometimes weirdly what can also bring them back together. Sometimes they need a friend to serve as a mediator to help them do what's best. Sometimes they don't let that mediator know ahead of time that that's their purpose for inviting them over. And sometimes they put the mediator in an uncomfortable position of having to pick sides in the breakup. Yikes. 


WYIM provided me another opportunity to explore within the comedy realm and to re-team with actors Bryce Harrow (Zeide, Ride Share), and Julie Romano (To the Moon and Back) who got to play the central couple who just can't help but to fumble through their attempt at breaking up. Their friend and mediator is played by Javier Prusky, an actor I met way back in 2013 when he auditioned for Shave, and later for my senior thesis film Alvie. Though both those roles went to Greg Fenton, I never forgot what Javier brought to the auditions and wanted to figure out a way to collaborate at some point.


Rounding out the cast was an appearance by my dogter Bea, who got to play "Jess the dog" and provide the amazing tag of the entire movie that makes me smile as I write this. 


After the heaviness of Empiricism and Scene Study, it was incredibly refreshing to laugh with this cast of characters in the third of three parts to our quarantine anthology: a three part series of stand alone shorts that we wrote during quarantine all with the same parameters - one set, less than 4 actors, minimal props, minimal crew, and 1 day of shooting. 

The Film

Theatrical Trailer 

Raw Production Stills


Winner  - Best Ensemble Cast - Detroit's Trinity International Film Festival 2022

Official Selection - Detroit's Trinity International Film Festival 2022

Official Selection - Nassau Film Festival 2022

Official Selection - LA Live Film Fest 2021

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