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A story about two men dealing with loss who find solace in the game of chess.

Written & Directed by Nate Hapke

Produced by Nate Hapke & Kathryn Isaac

Director of Photography Michael Moates

Sound by Rich Murphy & Samira Tazari

Editing by Alexis Ascher

Score by Dylan Price

Hair & Make Up by Nicole Carson

Wardrobe & Art Direction by Kathryn Isaac

Music by Dylan Price

Richard Herd as "Gerry Klein"

Al Thompson as "Thom Anderson Jr."

Patricia Herd as "Rhoda Klein"

Marilyn Matarrese as "Susan Klein-Davis"

David Gibson as "Arthur Hendrickson"

Greg Fenton as "Nathaniel Davis"

Kevin Loreque as "Julian Bates"

Greg Hermann as "Sean Turner"

Lloyd Booker as "Thom Anderson Sr."

Monique Berkley as "Denise Anderson"

Careese Gordon as "Veronica Anderson"

Shavanna Calder as "Charlotte Anderson", "Ronny V/O"

Lynne Rosenberg as "Radio Announcer V/O"

Hayden Bates as "Co-worker #1"

Hunter Davis as "Co-worker #2"

Natasha Elias as "Co-worker #3"

Nicole Carson as "Co-worker #4"

Artist’s Statement:

It started with an image: two men in silhouette. As I moved closer to them, I learned that one was a man in his 30’s and the other was an elderly man. I wanted to figure out how these two gentlemen got there. They were from different socio-economic backgrounds, had never met before, and yet were now kindred spirits sitting in imperfect symmetry. Why did they complete each other? What was it about chess? For Thom, I drew on my relationship with my father that for awhile felt as though I had lost him. For Gerry, I drew on my grandfather’s experience after my grandmother passed away. His kids coming and giving away all of her things and emptying out this house that had been a home for so many years. They were two men dealing with loss who found solace in the game of chess. Thom found a fatherly figure and Gerry found a companion.

The Film and the Theatrical Trailer

Thom and Gerry

Thom and Gerry

Thom and Gerry
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Thom & Gerry - Trailer

Thom & Gerry - Trailer

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Thom & Gerry

Thom & Gerry

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