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An examination of the process by which an actress prepares for an audition.

Starring Niya Wright

Co-starring Mackenzie Breeden and Gwen Hillier

Written, Directed, and Edited by Nate Hapke

Produced by Sophia Zach

Director of Photography Jeff Vanderpool

Costume Designer Jeff Hartman

Production Designer Zachary B. Friedman

Music by Dylan Price

Script Supervisor Rosie Angelo

1st AC/Colorist/Asst. Editor Nick Ferreiro

Hair and Make Up Michele Miguel

Production Sound Mixer Brian Hackett

Artist’s Statement:

I began my career as a performer. I walked into audition waiting rooms to find 6 people who looked just like me and wondered what was going to make me stand out. I was handed pages of black text and no backstory and asked to create a character. With Slate, I wanted to show what the process of creating a character from nothing was like by going inside the head of an incredibly talented actress to see what she pulls from and what she thinks about at every moment of the script.

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