Good Grief (2022)

Good Grief tells the sad, funny, silly, touching story of a young woman named Elle, whose life is turned upside down when Noah, the love of her life, dies in a freak accident.  Elle's attempts to process her grief are interrupted when she returns to Noah's hometown for his funeral.  There, Elle struggles to say goodbye to the man she loved, while surviving a weekend of funeral activities with his Crazy-with-a-capital-C family.  Essentially, it's a dark comedy about death, grief, and family, and in the big climactic scene two hysterical women alternate between laughing and sobbing as they attempt to break into a funeral home in the dead of night.  It's low on budget but high on heart, humor, and humanity.  

Starring: TBD

Directed & Produced by Nate Hapke

Written & Produced by Rosie Grace

Artist’s Statement: P123 and small/TALL's first feature film! Shooting Spring 2021.

Full artist's statement coming soon!

Theatrical Trailer -Coming Fall 2021

Production Stills Coming Fall 2020

Laurels/Screenings/Awards Coming 2021

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