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A young couple work through an existential crisis over everyone’s favorite meal.

Written/Directed/Edited by Nate Hapke

Produced by Sophia Zach

Director of Photography Jeff Vanderpool

Score by Dylan Price

Gaffer Joe Ramos

Production Design by Mary Manchin

Costume Design by Jeff Hartman

Hair and Make up by Taryn Newton-Gil

"Chloe" Mackenzie Breeden

"Bryan"  Jack Williams

"Hannah"  Gwen Hillier

"Alice the Waitress" Bailey Lauren Thompson

"Susan" Niya Wright

"Thomas the Cook" Andrew Avey

"Cook #2" Jeff Hartman

"Tricia" Alexandrea Santillo

"Charles" Elijah Reed

"Trinity" Helene Ngo

"Mark" Jack Leopardo

Artist’s Statement:

Brunch is an incredibly personal story for me. The whole film is essentially one conversation featuring one of my favorite philosophical debates of causation versus free will as well as one of my biggest fears of being alone. The male character in the film speaks almost verbatim as I have, and the female character speaks how I’ve always wanted to be comforted when I’m going through my “existential angst.”

The Film



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Aricles in the Media

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Behind the Scenes!


Winner Best Supporting Actress at the 2017 New Classic Cinema Film Festival

Winner Silver Screen Award at the 2016 Nevada International Film Festival

Winner Special Mention at the 2017 One Reeler Short Film Competition