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This short film, directed by Nate Hapke, follows Emma (Alicia Zyburt), a discharged soldier suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder brought on by sexual assault during her tour in Iraq. 'Shave' poignantly calls attention to the suffering experienced by far too many American veterans and begs the question, "Why won't anyone take this seriously?"

Starring Alicia Zyburt, Greg Fenton, and Nicholas Lingo

Writer/Director/Producer Nate Hapke

Writer/Producer/Editor Ian Ludd

Writer/DoP Mike Gagnon

Music by Dylan Price

Production Sound by Nicholas Lingo

Artist’s Statement:

My classmates and I had just watched a documentary about sexual assault in the military. The worst stories involved those who would report it only to be told that they were lying. This was our main character. We wanted to give her a voice and show her pain, and then share some statistics with the audience in an effort to draw more attention to this atrocity. This short film was my first to win an award at a film festival.

The Film



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Behind the Scenes and After our Premiere!


Winner - Best Short Film at the 2014 Syracuse University Film Festival

Official Selection of the Syracuse University Film Festival

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